Thailand has the most data breaches in the world

According to data breaches analysis by security firm Digi-Key, Thailand has surpassed Australia as the most breached country.

The country, which is ranked No.1 in the United States, has 1,066 breaches reported in 2015, compared to 1,051 in Australia.

According to DigiKey, breaches of personal data and information belonging to business owners and employees is the country’s most common reason for data breaches, and accounts for an estimated 10 per cent of total data breaches.

“While there are some small pockets of bad actors that are not as well-known, there are significant groups of bad operators that are more common and harder to identify,” Digi_Key’s senior research analyst, Andrew White, told Polygon.

“They tend to be well-connected and have a very large infrastructure and a lot of money to protect.”

In the short term, it may take some time to repair those data breaches.

“White said the number of breaches is a relatively small number, but it is a sign that data breaches are a significant problem.”

As we see with the number and severity of breaches, they are occurring with a great frequency,” he said.”

It suggests that this problem is far from being resolved, and we are likely to see further breaches as we have seen in the past.

“He said that it’s not just the data breaches that are an issue.”

The breaches of businesses are a huge issue for our economy, and it is an area where the country still lags far behind other OECD countries,” White said.

Digi_key said it estimates the cost of the data breach at around $20 million to $25 million.”

That does not include the financial impact, which we believe is around $10 billion,” he added.”

But it also does not take into account the loss of the personal data or other valuable data.

“While there were no breaches of individual business data in 2015 and there were very few breaches of data belonging to individuals, the data was still breached in 2016, when two banks were forced to pay $250 million to the victims of data breaches at the Bank of Thailand and Siam Bank.

In a statement, Digi¬≠Key said the data breached in 2015 were only the tip of the iceberg.”

Data breaches are not a new phenomenon, but the level of data and personal data stolen in 2015 was a high number and represents a significant number of data breach cases,” the statement read.”

This high number is particularly concerning given the lack of data protection legislation and the lack and complexity of the law enforcement and judicial systems in Thailand.

“DigiKey said that there are still a number of issues to be resolved before Thailand’s data breaches can be resolved, including ensuring that data is stored securely and that there is adequate oversight.”

We have been in touch with the Department of Justice and the Thai authorities to identify and address some of the underlying issues and the implementation of legislation that will prevent data breaches from happening again,” it said.