The Top 5 Most Likely Deaths From Computer Infection

The number of confirmed cases of computer virus has risen by 1.2% since November, according to data from the CDC, the second-highest number of cases since the virus was first detected in the US.

The total number of infections rose by 1% in November, the most recent month for which data is available.

It’s the second highest number of detected cases since October, when the number of reported cases was at its highest.

In total, the number was 2,944,988, or roughly one case for every 2.4 million Americans, the CDC said in its November report.

The virus has been around for some time and is often associated with a virus called the coronavirus, which causes cold sores, pneumonia and other symptoms.

The number in the latest figures is likely to be higher than the numbers that were reported last month and could be even higher because coronaviruses typically show up in a smaller number of people than other types of viruses.