What is data?

The new data scale that will be launched by the National Statistical Research Institute (NSSRI) is meant to make it easier for companies to make sense of data.

Data on income and consumption will be shared, with companies able to access it for free and make sense out of it.

Data on deaths will also be available.

In addition to this, NSSRI’s data scale will include a portal for aggregating, visualising and sharing data across a range of social and economic metrics.

Data will be made available for free on a weekly basis to government departments and central agencies across various categories, including the Census, Income, Capital, Goods and Services Tax, Employment Insurance and National Sample Survey on Income Distribution (NMSI).

The portal is open from February 25.

For the first time, the government will make available a complete set of data across all these categories.

For instance, NMSI data will be available for every category of income in the Income Tax Return.

The portal will also make available data for the CPI, Consumer Price Index, Food Price Index and the Retail Price Index.

It will make the aggregated data available for the government’s own use, for which the portal will collect and analyse data on every sector.

In an effort to make the data more accessible, data will also include a tool to search through the data.

This will be an essential tool for any government department to find out more about a particular category of data, with the tool helping them to understand the nature of the data that is being collected.

“The data that will soon be available will help us to understand how the government spends money, how people live and what they consume,” NSSRI Director General Anurag Srivastava said.

The new data will help the government understand the trends and the trends of the country and provide insights into the health of the economy.

“It will be the first national data scale to be made free, and it will be used by government departments to understand trends in their sector,” he said.

Srivastav said the data will serve as a catalyst for research, which will help them understand the data and how it is being used.

“There is a lot of data out there.

But the data is limited.

We will soon make it available on a regular basis,” he added.