Which country was most affected by the data breach?

Data breaches have been common in recent years, as hackers have been targeting the personal details of millions of people in the UK, the US, and around the world.

The biggest news so far in 2018 has been the data leak at Target, which has led to the loss of around 2 million credit card numbers.

However, the latest data breach at a global healthcare company is a little more recent, and the number of breaches worldwide has fallen by half in 2018.

The data breach is thought to have been the result of a malware attack that infected customers’ machines and infected their data, potentially compromising patient data and other personal data.

The company said it had shut down some of the affected computers, but the remaining servers were not compromised.

“As of April 10, 2018, our investigation has found no evidence of compromise of data on our networks,” Target said in a statement.

“Our customers’ personal information was not affected by this breach.

Target has taken the following steps to protect its customers: Our customers have been notified that their personal information is not affected and we are continuing to actively investigate the breach.

We have notified law enforcement and are in the process of working with them to determine the scope of the attack.”

Target said it is not releasing the names of affected customers as it believes it would compromise its reputation, and is continuing to investigate the matter.

“We want to make it clear that Target will not share information about any individual with anyone else, including law enforcement,” the company said in the statement.

However some of its customers are not happy with the way the company handled the breach, and they are urging Target to keep a closer eye on the situation.

“They did not notify me that their systems were compromised,” a customer named Daniel said.

“The only thing that I would do differently is to say to my boss, ‘tell me why you are not doing this’ and I would get my money back.”

Target has not yet said how much money it has received in damages from the breach but the company has offered a $500 payment to customers who are affected by it.

“Target has been a leader in providing customers with a convenient and secure shopping experience, but we are committed to working with law enforcement to ensure that we do everything we can to protect the personal data of our customers and to keep our systems secure,” a spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added that the company is “working to secure all of our systems to prevent this type of attack from happening again”.