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The Census Bureau has released a new data set to help researchers understand the population changes occurring in American cities.

The census has been tracking a variety of demographic changes in the past decade.

Many of these data sets are not updated on a daily basis and only come out when new information is available.

The latest data is expected to be released at the end of next week.

But in this case, the Bureau is releasing data for a whole year.

This data set is expected at the same time that the Census Bureau releases a new report that examines demographic trends.

This will give researchers a glimpse into the changing demographics of the country as well as how people live and work.

The new Census Bureau data will provide insights into the number of Americans, their education levels, their age, race, gender, religion and geography, among other things.

The bureau is releasing the data in conjunction with the National Center for Education Statistics, which also tracks educational attainment and data on people’s earnings and the costs of education.

It’s not clear how the Census data will be used to make recommendations for policy.

However, the data set does provide data on the demographic composition of cities, and it’s likely that the Bureau will use it to make predictions on where it would make better use of its resources.