Data sets show health data is not an indicator of health

Health data is no indicator of the quality of a health system, according to a new report.

Data sets are set to begin releasing new data in 2018 on health data and a new type of report.

A major problem is that many health systems do not keep their data in the same way.

We need to understand the data, and use it as the basis for our analysis, said David Aitken, a senior lecturer at the School of Population and Society at ANU.

He said the main problem with data is the lack of consistency across systems.

“The data is coming out in a way that is very difficult to interpret, it is a bit of an enigma,” Mr Aitker said.

“If we do not understand what is happening, we are not going to have a good picture of the health system in Australia.”

What we need to do is get this information out in the open and let people understand it.

“In the case of the data sets, we have to have transparency and accountability and the data should be freely available to the public.”

Data sets released today will include data on the number of health visits and deaths, the rate of hospital admissions, hospital and physician readmissions and the number and type of hospital beds.

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