A look at the scientific data about diseases that India has declared,

A few days back, the government of India declared that it had identified the eight diseases that are known to have caused pandemic-related deaths, and then declared the disease a ‘public health emergency’.

The declaration also included an ’emergency declaration’ for the disease, which means that anyone caught with the disease can be arrested, fined or jailed.

The government is also looking into whether or not people who have the disease are taking any drugs to treat it, and how much they are taking.

The declaration of the eight major diseases has come in the midst of the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

But it is unclear how many people have actually been diagnosed with the eight, and it could take weeks or even months for any of them to get the ‘public’ health emergency treatment.

It is also unclear how the declaration was obtained, and whether it was a voluntary act or an official order.

The Ministry of Health has been pushing the government to get a declaration of its declaration.

The official declaration is also not available.