How to track the cancer death toll in the U.S.

Health authorities in Washington state have started using a new tool to track how many people are dying from cancer each year.

The state of Washington started using the death toll tool in late April to track trends in cancer deaths.

The state says the tool helps it track how the number of cancer deaths in the state has changed over time and the trends in those deaths.

The tool is not an official state statistics database, but the Washington Health Department says it provides a more accurate record of how cancer deaths are being reported in the Washington area.

Washington Health Department spokeswoman Jennifer Wilson said the new tool was developed by the National Cancer Institute to help researchers track trends and trends in the death rate.

Wilson said the tool uses a method known as cumulative incidence that is based on the number and timing of cancer cases reported to the state health department.

The cumulative incidence is a way to capture how the state’s cancer death rate changes over time.

Wilson did not provide specific information about how the tool is being used in Washington.

Washington has a cancer death death rate of 5.2 per 100,000 people, which is about 10% higher than the national average.

It has the second-highest cancer death rates in the nation.

Wilson declined to comment on how the Washington tool is used, but said the agency has used it for the past three years to track progress in cancer control.

The tool is also used to track changes in cancer mortality rates in other states.