How to create an RSS reader for your RSS reader app

A new RSS reader in Android N is coming, and it is going to be free for developers.

The developer version of the app will cost Rs. 2.99, but if you want to use it for free, you can use the app as a standalone app.

The app is currently available for the Google Play Store, and has a new feature called “replay” that lets you re-run the same RSS feed you are reading.

Replay lets you watch live streams from your favorite RSS feed, and you can also view and download the feeds from other apps, like PocketCasts.

You can use replay to re-watch any feed, but we found that it was more useful to use the feature to reorder your feeds.

The feature is available in the Settings app, but it is not available in any other app.

Replaying can also be used to view and copy a feed, which is useful for those who use RSS feeds.

If you are already using the app to read RSS feeds, the re-ordering is not a big deal.

You will still see the feed number in the top bar of your Android N launcher, but you will not see any of the feed contents.

You can also save a feed by tapping on the feed title, which will take you to the feed page you want.

The RSS reader is a big change for the app, and the developer has not revealed how many users are using the service, or how many people will be using it in the coming months.