How Israel can prevent a third war between Palestinians and Israel in the next year

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is in its third year, with the latest violence between Israel and the Palestinians, including the abduction and killing of a three-year-old Israeli girl.

But this time, the Palestinian Authority (PA) is trying to prevent the third war, which would leave Israel in control of an area of Palestine that is under full Israeli control, with no Palestinian sovereignty.

This month, the PA announced the establishment of a special committee, headed by the deputy chief of the military’s General Staff, to negotiate the next steps in the peace process.

The committee will examine the “current state of the conflict, and determine the appropriate course of action to prevent a war,” the statement said.

The committee’s task will be to develop a roadmap, including a “solution for a two-state solution,” according to the statement.

In the meantime, the committee will continue its work and take action to achieve a solution for the Palestinian people, the statement added.

The latest round of violence in the occupied West Bank has killed at least two Palestinians, two Israelis and one Jordanian.

Israel, the United States and several European countries have accused the Palestinians of using “cross-border tunnels” to smuggle arms, ammunition and other equipment into the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinians have denied the accusations.

Since 2007, the Israeli army has demolished nearly 100 Palestinian homes in the West Bank, mostly in the northern areas of the West Jerusalem and East Jerusalem districts, according to a recent UN report.