How to read the new data snoops data

Fox Sports will launch a new data collection tool that lets users see the data snooper’s eye and know exactly where they are on the data collection network.

The data snoppers tool will be available in a preview state on Thursday, with a full release planned for the end of the year.

It’ll help users see exactly how much data they’re collecting, how much of that data they’ve already shared with third parties and how much it is going to cost the company to retain and process the data.

It’s not clear what the actual price tag will be for this data collection service, but it’s likely a combination of money and time-sucking.

The news comes just months after Fox Sports reported it was collecting data on the most popular sports programs in the US, including “The NFL Network,” “The UFC,” “UFC Fight Pass,” “TBS and truTV.”

The network is now being investigated for privacy violations, though the investigation was later dropped by the FCC.