Ars Technic’s Jason Snell writes about the new data analytics tools available for iOS and Android—and why they’re important

By now, iOS users have become accustomed to seeing data on their devices on the company’s new iOS analytics tool, which was first revealed in October.

But for those of us who are using it for the first time, it’s a new experience.

The first thing that’s missing is the ability to quickly sort and filter the data.

In a new post on the Ars Technics blog, Jason Snelling explains why that’s a big problem.

“The biggest problem with iOS analytics is that you have to use a specific data source for each data point,” Snelling writes.

“It’s not easy to get all of the data from your website, and even harder to get a good idea of what you’re looking at.”

The problem is exacerbated when you want to quickly search through your data to find data that you need.

“For example, I’m interested in what a user is saying, but I need to filter it by a specific topic to see what the user is talking about,” Snell wrote.

“I’m not looking for the exact same thing from every single user on my website, so I can’t filter by a single topic.

And I can never get the exact data I need because I’m constantly switching between platforms.”

The new analytics tool is available to all iOS users, but you can only use it with the new iPad and iPad Pro.

And Snelling notes that iOS users will have to wait a few weeks before the new version is released to the public.

“Until then, it won’t be the default for any new iOS app,” he wrote.

It’s worth noting that Apple’s new data-gathering tools are not yet available for Android.

The company is expected to roll out iOS analytics tools for Android sometime in the coming weeks.

If you’re an iOS developer, however, you can sign up for beta access now to try out the new tools for yourself.

The iOS analytics team at Apple has been working on new tools to help users understand the data they’re seeing, and the new features come with an upgrade to the company-owned analytics platform.

The team is also introducing an SDK that developers can use to easily build new analytics apps for iOS.

“We’re building a platform for developers to build apps for,” said Chris Wilson, the company CTO, in an interview with Ars last month.

“And we’re putting it out on the public.”

The Apple Analytics SDK was announced in December, and developers can now get started by creating an app for their favorite platforms and targeting a subset of iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad.

The SDK is free, and is designed to allow developers to use iOS analytics in their apps for free, but the company is still charging developers for access to its APIs and other features.

“This SDK is the first step towards giving developers the tools they need to build great analytics apps on iOS and OS X,” Wilson told Ars.

“Our goal is to get developers the right tools for the right data sets.”