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Dublin City councillors have been warned that an increase in the number of homeless people in the capital will affect their ability to deal with the influx of migrants from across the Mediterranean.

Key points:Councillors say a surge in homeless people will affect the way they deal with migrants, particularly those in Dublin city centreThe Dublin City Homelessness Management Service is to investigate how many people are on the street and the number living in the city’s most deprived areas, including Dublin City Hall, to see if there is a link to the rise in migrantsThe council says it is also reviewing the number and types of emergency accommodation it provides to migrants and refugees in order to avoid a repeat of last year’s mass influx of asylum seekers.

It is understood the Government has asked the services to look at how many of its emergency housing and social services are being used to deal “at the point of use” with homeless people who are living in Dublin City Centre.

The council’s homelessness team are currently looking at how to cope with the increase in migrants and the surge in people seeking shelter from the streets, with some worrying it could make it harder for them to get housing.

It comes after a senior officer in the Garda Síochána said he could see a “dramatic change” in the way people were dealing with homeless.

It was a very different situation in the first week of January, Mr Daly told TheJournal.

He said that the Dublin City Shelter had been able to provide beds for about 600 people.

“We’re just seeing a dramatic change.””

We’ve got a significant increase in people coming to Dublin City in recent days.””

We’re just seeing a dramatic change.”

We’ve got a significant increase in people coming to Dublin City in recent days.

“A similar situation in a neighbouring county has also caused concern for the City of Limerick.

The number of people sleeping rough in Limerick city centre has more than doubled in the last month to more than 1,000.

In the Dublin city area, where the number is the highest, more than 2,000 people are sleeping rough, according to figures released by the Gardai on Tuesday.

More than 1.1 million migrants and asylum seekers entered Ireland illegally last year, with almost half of those arriving in Ireland living in camps in the country’s main cities.

They are predominantly people who arrive in Ireland on a tourist visa or temporary visitor visa, with an estimated 500,000 of them in the Cork region alone.

However, they are also coming to the country to work, and many of them come to the capital to live and work.

The Dublin city council’s homeless strategy will be reviewed in the coming weeks.

A number of issues will be considered by the council as part of the review, it said.”

There will be a number of different options on how to deal and respond,” Mr Daly said.