NFL player rankings: What you need to know

NFL players are ranked according to how well they perform on each statistical measure.

Each player is ranked from 0 to 100.

To get an idea of how the players performed on each statistic, we compiled their individual ratings in the table below.

For the most part, we have the same stats in each ranking, with a few notable exceptions.

There is one stat that has been changed from last year’s list, and that is yards per carry.

We have also changed the yards per completion rating, which we used last year to measure a player’s effectiveness on a per-target basis.

In 2016, the ratings for a player were weighted based on the percentage of passes thrown in his direction.

The difference between the 2016 rating and this year’s rating is about 2.2 yards per pass attempt.

The change of the yards-per-target rating was made to reflect the fact that more of the passes thrown this season have been longer than the average passing distance, so yards-from-the-lineup yards have been included.