Which provinces and territories have the most income inequality?

Statistics Canada is releasing data that shows that Ontario and Quebec have the largest income gaps in Canada.

According to the report, the average Ontario household earns $71,800, while the average Quebec household earns only $51,900.

Ontario has one of the lowest levels of inequality in Canada, with the average income of a family earning $51.00 per year.

Quebec has the highest income gap, with a household earning $76,900, according to the data.

The average income for a family in Quebec is $78,400, according the data, while for a Quebec household it is $79,600.

As of November 30, 2017, Ontario has about 4.2 million people living in poverty.

In Quebec, about 7.7 million people live in poverty, according a report released last month by the Quebec Association of Social Workers.

Ontarians living in Quebec have higher poverty rates than residents of any other province.

In 2017, there were a total of 564,836 Quebec households, while Quebec had 4.8 million people in poverty in 2016.

The average Ontario family income is $72,800 while the Ontario household average is $58,400.

Quebec families are also the most likely to live in households with two or more children.

The provinces have similar incomes but the differences are more pronounced for those living in Toronto, Montreal and the greater Vancouver area.

Ontario is the province with the highest median household income, while in Quebec, it is the highest.