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    bringing AOKP to Xperia
    AOKP is an awesome custom Android firmware. (just like MIUI and CyanogenMod).
    AOKP is based on AOSP and looks as vanilla as possible, and focusses on lots and lots of user-friendly features. What makes it different from CM is that there are many more user-customizable features.

    KANGX[COLOR=#2f4f4f][SIZE=4][FONT=Arial Black]PERIA[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]P[B][COLOR=#4169e1][FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=#2f4f4f][SIZE=6][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=4][B][COLOR=#4169e1][COLOR=#2f4f4f][SIZE=4][FONT=Arial Black]ROJECT[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/COLOR][/B][/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][/B]
    This ROM is a combined work of all members of KangXperiaProject.

    AOKP is not officially supported on any of the Xperia smartphones. So we made a Kang XperiaProject team comprising
    Supervenom , Championswimmer, Pikpok, mikegapinski
    We maintain sources from which we build (not winzip porting) AOKP for all the Xperias.

    We are not any great developers (all teenagers). We are just trying to provide users with more ROM options [​IMG]
    Our work is not possible without using sources from FreeXperiaProject.




    everything working !!! (except HDMI)

    To report issues/bugs or make feature requests please go to

    ROM downloads

    GAPPS download


    [​IMG]Sources are hosted at

    Gerrit code review is present at

    To participate in development read this

    [​IMG]We all spend countless hours working with thousands of lines of code to be able to bring these ROMs to you. It needs us to devote our precious time, and often we need to spend money to maintain the build machines, hosts and other stuff. So if you like this ROM and if it makes your phone look cool, please consider donating to us. [​IMG]

    KXP Team Members
    (we bring you these builds)

    FXP Team Members (without whom no custom ROM on Xperias would ever be possible)

    Team KANG Members (who have made all these awesome features on AOKP)

    Other than the people mentioned above, we want to thank all developers working Xperia devices like
    DoomLord, Keiran, Achotjan, Sirkay, Blagus, NobodyAtall, Androxyde, Kamarush, Paxchristos and many many more. And the various CM devs like cyanogen, koush, codeworkx, rmcc ....
    All the respective ownerships of commits are maintained on the gerrit/github and you can see what fixes are ported from / contributed by whom.

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