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    I´m one of the guys in mwc that got a new Nokia X device.

    I just return home and i couldn´t imagine how easy its going to be restore Gapps.

    Cause i didnt read anything. Going to write some guide or maybe i´ll do a little app to do the process in an automatic way.

    A few pics!

    Am i the first one!? [​IMG]

    PS. Google Now Launcher its working too!


    This is a rudimental way to do it. This happen because we dont have recovery yet. Bootloader seems locked in some ways, so instead
    flashing a single zip, we need this way to get it working.

    You should need a rooted device. Use Gandalf Exploit included in Framaroot app.
    (Download it from http://forum.xda-developers.com/atta...1&d=1391850491)

    We need a Root explorer app, use whatever you want. (For example: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...explorer&hl=es)

    Extract and copy all apks from "NokiaX_Gapps_KashaMalaga_28.02.2014.zip" to /system/app and change permisions for this files.


    Extract and install as normal user every single needed apk include in "NokiaX_SomeGoogleApps.zip". (If wanna use Google Now Launcher, open it after install it)

    Try to launch Play Store, its gonna ask u for a Google Account et voilà

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