[Rom] [ICS]Xperia P: Fidelity GX 2.0 - Smooth GX fidelity experiences

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    Tính năng nổi bật :

    -Xperia Fidelity script
    -Xperia GX apps and System UI
    -Xperia GX sounds and graphics
    -build.prop tweaks
    -Thunderbolt v2.7.7 tweaks
    -Partition remounting optimized
    -Supercharger's patched services.jar
    -Optimized LMK supercharged
    -SQLite optimized
    -Powersave governor during screen-off
    -Audio effects bypassed
    -Tích hợp Google Now


    -Added changing to powersave governor during screen-off
    -Added Location based WiFi feature
    -Added Partition remounting optimized for performance (disable barriers/noatime/async 15s commit)
    -Added SQLite optimizations on first boot
    -Added Supercharger's LMK patched services.jar with personally optimized LMK supercharged
    -Added Xperia GX's improved boot animation
    -Added Zipalign on flashing
    -Improved package to be flashable on any ICS ROM
    -Rebuilt build.prop tweaks from ground
    -Removed bundled apps and some that suck battery-life
    -Replaced KA SSpeed tweaks with optimized latest Thunderbolt v2.7.7 optimized with Xperia Fidelity
    -Replaced InfinitySound with audio effects bypassed (Hard decision but Fidelity script won't need it)

    Cài đặt :

    1. If your device has ICS, bootloader unlocked, rooted and custom kernel capable of running init.d/recovery then skip to 5
    2. Flash ICS ROM (It can work on any ICS ROM now but I tested only on official ROM build 6.1.B.0.550)
    3. Unlock your bootloader from

    4. Flash Xperia P's Kernel with autoroot/init.d/recovery support from either

    5. Flash Xperia P: Fidelity GX in recovery
    6. Clear cache and dalvik-cache
    7. Reboot (If recovery ask about fixing root, answer yes)
    8. Wait for system to stabilize (probably 3-5 mins) and reboot again


    pikachu01, for his Thunderbolt script
    zeppelinrox, for creating supercharger script and his patched services.jar website
    krabappel2548, for his tweaking scripts
    r-ikfoot, for his awesome sound patch
    cajunflavoredbob, for his Google Now package
    Sony, for awesome ROM and apps

    Link gốc :

    Bác nào up xong đóng góp ý kiến nhé ! :D

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