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    Features :

    [​IMG] Based on official XXDLL7[/COLOR][/FONT]
    [​IMG] Kernel XXDLL7
    [​IMG] Modem XXDLK7
    [​IMG] Bug free and battery friendly
    [​IMG] AOSP Status bar and Icon
    [​IMG] Grey Battery % and AOSP Toggles
    [​IMG] Ink effect mod with finger
    [​IMG] Transparent Accuweather widget
    [​IMG] Latest Simplistic framework with 24 toggles
    [​IMG] Toggles control app by LegendK95
    [​IMG] Multi Window Control app included
    [​IMG] Zipaligned
    [​IMG] Deodexed
    [​IMG] Rooted with SuperSu included
    [​IMG] Ultra slim (0% bloatware only nice features from SAMMY [​IMG] )
    [​IMG] Init.d support
    [​IMG] Build.prop tweaks
    [​IMG] Extended power menu

    MODS Included :

    [​IMG] Call Recorder
    [​IMG] Call Delay After call (0ms)
    [​IMG] Exchange Security Disabled for Email app
    [​IMG] Skip music tracks with volume buttons long press
    [​IMG] Unlimited contacts can be added sms
    [​IMG] Enable sub symbols on Stock Samsung keyboard
    [​IMG] Dialer search matches numbers in contacts and call logs along with contacts
    [​IMG] Better GPS lock
    [​IMG] Enable call button in contact list
    [​IMG] Disabled conversion SMS to MMS
    [​IMG] Unlimited contacts for SMS & MMS
    [​IMG] No increasing ringtone
    [​IMG] All supported languages enabled (also for for Samsung Keyboard)
    [​IMG] Shutter Sound menu enabled to camera

    Apps included: (Latest version)

    [​IMG] Adobe Flash Player
    [​IMG] Es file explorer
    [​IMG] Adfree
    [​IMG] Facebook
    [​IMG] Nova Launcher
    [​IMG] Titanium Backup

    Installation instructions :
    New user :
    - Go to "mount and storage" and choose "Format system"
    - Wipe everything you want (if you want a clean install but this step is optional)
    - In case of problem with my rom do a factory reset in recovery and wipe cache partition before install
    - Install zip with recovery
    - Reboot and enjoy ! (And don't forget to hit the thanks button )
    For a clean install, use the Super Wipe Script from HERE (Be careful this script will erase all your data and format your internal SD so do a backup of your files on your external SD )

    [email protected] AOSP user :
    - Go to mount and storage => format system
    - Install rom without wipe anything
    - Enjoy

    [download]http://www.xdafileserver.nl/index.p...(LT26i)/CUSTOM ROMS/Dualcore ROM/GT-N7100/ROM [/download]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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