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    What you get(v3.6):
    Based on the lastest stock firmware: android 4.1.2 XXDLL7(26/12/2012)
    Modem: DDDLK6 Or XXDLK7 (Choose in the aroma)
    Stock Kernel XXDLL7
    Multi CSC(119 CSC) Set to EUR.
    Fully Deodexed
    Added latest BusyBox
    Added latest SuperSU+Bin files
    Added GenieWidget
    Added Flashplayer support
    Added ES File Explorer
    Added Facebook
    Updated all stock apps to their latest version(Gmail, Google search, Google Maps, Google Earth, Chrome,Play store etc.)
    • Call Recorder
    • Phone with no increasing ringtone
    • All supported languages enabled
    • All supported languages for Samsung Keyboard enabled
    • Enabled init.d scripts
    • Shutter Sound menu Enabled to stock camera
    • Big APN list
    • Call Delay After call End Reduced to 0ms
    • Enable sub Symbols on Stock Samsung keyboard
    • Added exit menu to stock web browser
    • Dialer search matches numbers in contacts and call logs along with contacts
    • data/app enabled
    • Enable call button in contact list
    • Disabled Converting Effect Between SMS MMS
    • Multiwindow Control + app - thx to LegenDK95 - his thread
    • Task Killer shortcut - thx to cb56 - his thread
    • Exclusive! Only to PhoeniX ROM!:
      * RTL Menus when you select Arabic/Hebrew as your default language. (Pictures at post 4)
      * HTC Sense 4 Wallpapers! Amazing Wallpapers! How to use? Click on Menu-> Set Wallpaper-> Home/Lock/Both-> Wallpaper Picker/chooser-> Select your Wallpaper! (Picture at post 4)
    Built.prop tweaks

    Removed from the rom:
    - ReadersHub
    Installation Requirements:
    If you come from another rom, it is important to make Super Clean(From mike1986.[Thank you!]) - It will delete everything except externelSD.
    If you upgrade this rom from previous version just make wipe in the aroma.
    Make efs backup(If you have one already, don't make)
    Install rom - Choose options in the Aroma installer
    Reboot(Do not flash any mods before 1st boot)
    [download]http://d-h.st/chG [/download]

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