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    • Ramfs from Stock Kernel + Busybox and its various functions in /sbin
    • Based on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 Source Drop Release 1
    • Included patches for performance, stability and battery life
    • Init.d support
    • SetCPU, ROM Toolbox and Voltage Control Support
    • No CPU & GPU Overclocking and Undervolting
    • Enable or Disable File Syncing
      (fsync disabled by default as I've tweaked the system for optimum latency designed for Flash Storage)
    • CFS Autogroup by Mike Galbraith Enabled
    • CPU Topology and Sched_MC enabled
    • AFTR and LPA enabled
    • A lot of tunables via sysfs included (Use ROM Toolbox or similar Utility to easily change it)
    • Git Implementation of SHA-1 for 12% faster boot time
    • CPU set at 1.6Ghz at Boot for faster boot time (Thanks to Imoseyon)
    • LZO compressed kernel using optimized values for the size of the kernel for faster boot time
    • CIFS Support (cifs.ko located in /lib/modules) | Tweaked Ext4 Filesystem
      (Patches + Mount Options + Tweaked IO Schedulers leaning towards latency for Flash Storage)
    • SIO | noop | deadline (tweaked for better latency and balanced throughput for Mobile NAND based devices)
    • Tweaked the mount options for Ext4 to adapt to the current focus on latency
    • pegasusq | conservative CPU Governors
    • WiFi Multicast Blocked (Thanks to Entropy512)
    • Black Crush fix (Thanks to AndreiLux)
    • Using Toolchain 4.6.3 from ezterry + compiler optimizations specific for that version (Thanks ezterry)
    Power Saving Features:
    • AFTR + LPA enabled
    • sched_mc enabled (set at 2 by default)
    • ARM CPU Topology enabled
    • No HZ enabled
    Boot Time Features:
    • Used git Implem of SHA-1 for 12% Boot time improvement
    • Added [PATCH] arm: remove "optimized" SHA1 routines by Linus Torvalds
    • Added [PATCH] arm: remove stale export of 'sha_transform' Linus Torvalds
    • Set Clockspeed at 1.6Ghz at Boot time to ensure all critical tasks have enough power to perform them while
      the governors/maxfreq isn't set yet. (Thanks to Imoseyon for this hack)
    CPU Features
    • No CPU Overclocking or Undervolting
    • No GPU Overclocking or Undervolting
    • pegasusq | conservative CPU Governors pegasusq set as default
    Filesystem Features (Currently Supported)
    • ExFat (Using Proprietary Samsung Modules)
    • Fat32
    • Ext2/3/4
    • CIFS (cifs.ko is in /lib/modules)
    I/O Schedulers
    • SIO (2012 0.2 version) (tweaked for Flash) Set as Default
    • deadline (tweaked for Flash)
    • noop
    • Tweaked values in deadline and SIO I/O scheduler to give better than average throughput while attemting to improve latency (if not more aggressive). Based on our initial (indicative, not conclusive... yet) testing, having these in line with the vm dirty, expire, writeback values + ext4 mount options to "schedule" write outs as fast as the system can handle it works quite well to balance throughput with latency expected in a mobile device. We took the big picture view and tested our tweaks instead of copy pasting random "known" good values and challenged some assumptions even we had at the start. The result is a mobile device tuned for average throughput and balanced battery life with good latency (not the lowest latency out there, but given the benefits of better I/O throughput and potential battery savings + extending the lifetime of NAND Based storage I think it was a compromise worth taking) I could have tweaked it for extremely great throughput and battery savings but that wouldn't be fun to use. I hate micro-lags myself.
    • Our Test Data regarding I/O schedulers and Kernel Tweaks can be found HERE.
    • The blog post that describes what we are trying to do can be found on my blog post HERE. (Thanks to s2d4)
    Memory Features
    • Custom minfree values tweaked for 2GB RAM
    • Tweaked vm values in sysctl that's optimized for latency
    Display Features
    • Black Crush fix (Thanks to AndreiLux)
    • Stock mdnie values for more vivid details on the current generation of AMOLED Displays
    Experimental Latency Related Patches
    • Enabled "fsync disabled"
      (can be disabled by doing an echo "1" > /sys/module/sync/parameters/fsync_disabled
      in a terminal emulator or as a script for gscript or scriptmanager) (Thanks to Ezekeel)
      Using the tweaked Ext4 filesystem + scheduler and mount options leaning towards latency + vm values in the kernel
      makes the most of the speed of Flash Storage based devices. At the speed at which the data is written to and from the kernel
      to the Fast Storage devices, you would only lose up to 1 second worth of data at most IF the kernel crashes.
      I don't plan on that happening so I enabled the system to get the maximum possible performance in this area.
    • Tweaked Ext4 Filesystem (Patches + Mount Options + Tweaked IO Schedulers leaning towards latency)
    • SIO | noop | deadline (tweaked for better latency and balanced throughput for Mobile NAND based devices)
    • Tweaked the mount options for Ext4 to adapt to the current focus on latency
    3rd Party Kernel Apps Support
    • ROM Toolbox by jrummy
    • SetCPU by michaelhuang
    • Voltage Control by xan
    Rev0.5 (Current Revision Released)
    • Applied Vermagic patch to enable proper loading of proprietary modules (Thanks to jt1134)
    • Improved Latency of schedulers
    • Removed cfq and enabled sio as default io scheduler
    • Tweaked Pegasusq for smoother performance (Can be changed using SetCPU)
    • Ext4 patches from mainline for optimization and stability
    • Workqueue patches from mainline
    • Timer patch from mainline
    • Sched Race in Task Group Patch from mainline
    • Busfreq back to default voltages (for public release)
    • Fixed ExFat Loading Error (SLUB instead of SLQB)
    • LZO compressed kernel for more more speed
    • No Screen Sharpening (Only AndreiLux's Black crush fix which is in fact for the S3. Thanks for the Heads up AndreiLux)
    • Removed Auto EFS Backup to speedup boot process (You have an EFS Backup already, right?)

    RedPill Stable Revision: Click to download RedPill_Rev0.5_CWM.zip
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