[Rom] Xperia Ion[10-19] Miui 2.10.19 for Ion locked and unlocked bootloader

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    Hey guys ,Here is the miui rom for Lt28i .This rom is based on official Miui for LT26i . I modified it to work with Ion

    it should work on lt 28h and lt28at ,but you maybe have to falsh you phone with lt28i FTF rom at first.by the way ,you will lost LTE,when you use the MIUI
    Use it with Stock ICS kernel(you do not need to unlock the bootloader,just root the phone and instal CWM)

    i have update the MIUI to 2.10.19. this time i build the rom with 6.1.E.1.20 from lt28h it works on both locked and unlocked bootloader.

    Links (you can mirror it but you should let me know):

    Miui 2.10.19:

    i have modified the SDmount , it works on the ION now.
    you should put it into /system/app/

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